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Q. What is
A. Its a website where you can list your business which provides accommodation, entertainment or food and drink to people having a holiday in the Isle of Man this year.

Q. Why are you providing this?
A. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, local business and our island population will be restricted to what they can do or where they can go probably for the remainder of 2020 and we want to provide a little extra visibility for these businesses and have a familiar place for residents to go to find them.


Q. How much does it cost to list a business?
A. There is currently no charge to list,  simply complete to form using the list link, we'll review your details and post your business as quickly as we can.

Q. Can I update a listing directly on the site?
A. Not currently at this time - please use this form to request any updates to your listing or to remove it if necessary.

Q. How are listings displayed, who gets priority? 
A. Listings are displayed in a random order currently. Filtering and sort options are available at the top of the listings. Visitors can also use the search function and the tag cloud location at the top of the page to find the most common entries or more specific ones.

Q. I'm interested in sponsorship/advertising opportunities on the site, is this possible?
A. We have an advertising engine in place and can carry limited additional paid adverts for local businesses. Please contact us using this form.

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